SAEBOFLEX - hand therapy

SaeboFlex is a dynamic orthosis in which rehabilitation after stroke or brain injury is gaining new quality. It gives patients independence that they were not able to obtain before.

The orthosis works by reconstructing the natural position of the hand and supporting the motion of the fingers. This allows the patient to functionally use his or her entire arm during rehabilitation exercises and domestic activities. The bracelet does not have any electrical components and its individual parts are individually adjusted to each patient.

SaeboFlex is the only orthosis in the world that allows patients to practice grbing and releasing items early in the disease. Most therapies begin when the patient does not control the movements of the fingers and hands.


Benefits of using Saebo orthoses:

  • participation in innovative rehabilitation allowing for the first time independent exercises of the hand function with real grabbing and releasing objects,
  • Upper limb exercise in its full function and unprecedented CNS stimulant value due to the combination of intensity, task and repetitive therapies,
  • Increased satisfaction with therapy and increased motivation for exercise due to high therapeutic effectiveness.

Indications to therpay :

Patients with impaired hand characterized by increased spasticity in the upper limb – patients with stroke, MS, cranio-cerebral injuries.


deformities of the joints (assessment of deformity of the joints during the test) – mallet finger, deformation of the “swan neck”, buttocks, Heberden’s nodules, Bouchard’s nodules, Dupuytren’s contracture and rheumatoid arthritis.

Minimum criteria for the use of orthoses that a patient must meet:

  • 1/4 of the range of active bending of the fingers
  • Full range of passive stretching in the interpopal joints when the radial-wrist joint is positioned in the passive lap 15 °

In the threapy we also you different ortosis such as:

SaeboReach is an orthosis that combines the benefits of SaeboFlex with the additional elbow straightening function.

The uniqueness of this orthosis lies in the fact that the original element is placed above the elbow joint and attached to the forearm. This system enables dynamic cooperation of the orthosis with the patient’s hand and allows for its functional use during exercises.

SaeboStretch – Innovative, the only Polish orthopedic orthossis dedicated specifically for people suffering from stroke and traumatic brain injury, with a flexible part supporting the fingers, flexing with increasing tension.

Using SaeboStretch helps to protect the hand from many pathological consequences of neurological diseases that affect the limitation of its functions such as. spasticity, contracture or joint deformities. This orthosis also supports the whole process of rehabilitation and increases its effectiveness.