Eyefeel – C EYE (device commonly known as cyberok) is a program containing a set of ready-made exercises and animations, as well as giving the opportunity to create your own therapeutic content. It is used to practice eyesight, developmental therapy, communication and entertainment. The program has been adapted to be operated both by touch and by sight.

Benefits of working with C-eye:

  • invaluable communication with a loved one through a text message or pictograms (improvement of communication with the environment),
  • stimulation of the visual – auditory – spatial functions,
  • stimulation of language functions,
  • focus,
  • the development of consciousness,
  • increase in the quality of life through communication and entertainment in the form of music, quizzes or the ability to read texts,
  • increase of motivation for rehabilitation,
  • improvement of the emotional and mental state of the family as well as the patient,
  • stimulating the brain: creating new neuronal connections, improving brain plasticity, “unblocking” speech thanks to the pulses emitted by the system,
  • a program dedicated to children and adults (various versions), giving the opportunity to create your own therapeutic content.

The device is designed to work with patients after cranial, cerebral injuries, cerebral palsy (MPD), with autism, and all those who are recommended to work on the above-mentioned funvctions.