VocaSTIM is an innovative device for modern therapy of speech disorders, very effective in cases of vocal fold paralysis and dysphagia. Compared to classic therapy, VocaSTIM allows the patient to recover by more than 50% faster.
VocaSTIM therapy is based on a combination of electrostimulation precisely matched to a set of intention exercises. VocaSTIM enables neuromuscular phoniatric and articulation therapy as well as diagnostics of the degree of muscle damage. The system of ready indications with descriptions makes it a universal work tool for people helping patients with speech and swallowing disorders resulting from neck injuries and procedures. The treatment is painless for the patient and takes about 30 minutes.

Contraindications for therapy with stimulating currents are:

highly inflammatory diseases with fever,
electronic pacemakers or other implanted pacemakers,
malignant tumors,
spasmodic paralysis,
skin damage in the treatment area,
implants containing metal parts in the treatment area.
The international research and scientific publications carried out so far (Prof. Martin Ptok, Prof. Johann Pahn) have confirmed that VocaSTIM is an appropriate response to the need to improve patients faster.