Treatment of pain, injuries, sports injuries, motor preparation for various sports. Sports rehabilitation for children, adolescents and adults. In the Neuron – Srodmiescie Rehabilitation Center we offer physiotherapy for athletes or active people. It is a type of physiotherapy used in injuries, injuries, immobilization caused by fractures and other injuries, arthroscopy. The goal is also to improve the level of fitness of the organism, re-education of movement patterns, return to practice after a break (eg after an injury), prevention to avoid injuries and training to prepare for a specific sport discipline. In the process of sport rehabilitation, we take into account the type of sports discipline practiced, the level of training of the player, general health (body posture), goals and sports plans to achieve.

  • condition after injury (fractures, sprains, dislocations);
  • injury;
  • backache;
  • muscular pains;
  • migraine;
  • pain treatment;
Sesja z fizjoterapeutą60 min / 100 złsprawdź pakiety terapeutyczne – ATRAKCYJNE CENY !
Sesja z fizjoterapeutą z wykorzystaniem INDIBA® activ60 min / 120 złPAKIET 10 SESJI = 1000 ZŁ
Sesja z fizjoterapeutą – trening funkcjonalny60 min / 80 złPAKIET 10 SESJI = 700 ZŁ
INDIBA® activ30 min / 80 złPAKIET 10 ZABIEGÓW = 700 ZŁ
Salus Talent®30 min / 80 złPAKIET 10 ZABIEGÓW = 700 ZŁ
Fala uderzeniowa30 min / 80 złPAKIET 10 ZABIEGÓW = 700 ZŁ
Terapia manualna (bóle głowy, szumy w uszach,bóle kręgosłupa)60 min / 100 złPAKIET 10 ZABIEGÓW = 900 ZŁ
Pinoterapia/ Suche igłowanie30 min / 100 zł
Plastrowanie kinezjologiczne – KINESIOTAPING 1 zabieg / 30 zł