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Rehabilitation of dysfunctions within the head and neck using recognized methods of manual therapy (applied by the therapist’s hands) and complementary methods (including kinesiotaping, voice rehabilitation) in the case of, among others:

  • excessive drooling, tearing,
  • dysphagia,
  • instability and loss of the jaw,
  • voice disorders (eg hoarseness, weak voice),
  • lockjaw, problems with opening of the mouth,
  • excessive or asymmetrical muscle tone,
  • clicking and / or crackling in the jaw joints,
  • conditions after operations and operations (eg removal of teeth),
  • paralysis, nerve weakness,
  • head and jaw injuries,
  • bruxism, grinding, teeth clenching,
  • scars (eg after surgery, tracheostomy),
  • torticollis (cervical dystonia),
  • noise, squeaks in ears,
  • problems with seeing or hearing.


  • myofascial pain,
  • atypical headaches, eyes, teeth, face,
  • migraine,
  • neuralgia (e.g., trigeminal nerve),
  • cervical headaches,
  • chronic inflammation and sinus pain,
  • Chronic and / or recurrent ear inflammation.