From December 2017, rehabilitation of cognitive functions supported by two computer programs, RehaCom and Dr. Neuronowski, is available in Neuron in Bydgoszcz.

Rehabilitation of cognitive functions – who is it for?

For people whose brain damage caused deficits in the brain and cognitive functions. So patients who have problems with:

  • short-term, long-lasting, working memory;
  • concentration;
  • mental operations like calculating, planning;
  • visual-motor coordination;
  • interpretation of visual and auditory stimuli;
  • delayed response;
  • fast information processing and learning new information;
  • speech and language disorders ( phonological awareness, sound sequencing, phonemic hearing);
  • time-space orientation.

The main purpose of these programs is to improve the above-mentioned functions. Both programs are also recommended for children with autism and the autism spectrum.

Dr. Neuronowski is an innovative therapeutic program for children and adults. It was constructed on the basis of many years of experience of therapists. It consists of 10 modules containing 46 base computer games that improve the above mentioned cognitive functions.
The program provides intensive and multimodal stimulation, tailored to the individual (age and diagnosed disorders). It is also possible to choose a therapy path depending on the reported cognitive problems. The level of difficulty is also individually selected for the patient.
Dr. Neuronowski program is available in the form of a tablet, which is why it is recommended for patients in whom the disturbances in the field of small motor skills are not dominant.

The RehaCom system has been used successfully in the rehabilitation of cognitive functions since 1989. Its usefulness and effectiveness was verified at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.
There are many modules available in the system that aim to rehabilitate the above-mentioned cognitive functions. The big advantage of the program is matching the level of difficulty to the patient’s ability and monitoring the effects of the therapy. Children and adults can use the program.
A manipulation panel is attached to RehaCom, thanks to which patients can use it if the efficiency of small motor skills is a bigger problem.