Rehabilitation Center Neuron - Bydgoszcz Citycenter

A bit about us ...

We would like to invite you to the newly created center of Neuron Rehabilitation Center, located in a perfect communication point (stops at Kard.S.Wyszyńskiego / Powstańców Wlkp.) At Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street 33. A place known for years, thanks to one of the best centers in Poland for blind people and fully adapted to the physical limitations of the Homer hotel. Now we are also joining this place offering you not only newly renovated, fully adapted for the disabled, spacious therapeutic rooms and offices - but most of all, freshly purchased, modern rehabilitation equipment (eg Lokomat®). At your disposal is trained from devices (you can read more in the post on our Facebook here.), Experienced and committed to your development and recovery of qualified staff. We maintain a high level of treatments - nothing has changed here - we left only with the help of those for whom access to Bydgoskie Fordon was tiring, difficult and distant. Now we are not far from the center of Bydgoszcz with our own car park, sensational access by public transport, as well as by car or taxi, because we are located within the main streets of the city, as well as the national road from Gdansk, Osielska, Brzozów, Inowrocław etc. We invite you to find out how we have adapted all the rooms to the limitations of movement, where there are no unnecessary barriers, places a lot and everywhere flat without thresholds. The rooms and the canteen are located in the same building. Side by side we can add that there are some local popular stores, where you can buy everything you need to live or if you forget something when you come to a several-day stay (brush and toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)

We deal with the rehabilitation of disabled people.

Our center is fully equipped with modern physiotherapeutic equipment such as LOKOMAT®, EGZOSZELET®, INDIBA ACTIV®. Therapists are highly qualified physiotherapists, neurologopedic and speech therapy specialists, who constantly improve their qualifications and skills. Also in our Rehabilitation Center, Neuron is taken by specialists in the field of medical rehabilitation, an orthopedist, a child neurologist. There is a possibility of daily and stationary rehabilitation, ie rehabilitation stays.

We offer :

  • large and newly renovated rooms located in the same building, with full board location in the center of Bydgoszcz,
  • convenient access by public transport or cheaper connections by medical transport or taxi facility
  • without barriers for the disabled rooms and cabinets thoroughly renovated, fully adapted to effective rehabilitation
  • new devices: LOKOMAT®, EGZOSKIELET- EKSO GT®, INDIBIA® activ, etc.
  • staff fully trained and educated in terms of rehabilitation of infants, children, adolescents and adults – experience supported by certificates and diplomas

Stationary and non-stationary stays

As in each of our centers we offer stationary stays, that is, permanent stay and accommodation in hotel rooms and full board adjusted to the needs and diets of Patients and extramural, ie a daily stay, where patients visit us only during the day for treatments and therapies.