Małe Gacno is a picturesque settlement situated among forests and meadows, in which there are about 60 inhabited buildings, shops and a church. The forests surrounding us are named Tuchola Forest, which serve as a shelter and refuge for many species and animals or plants threatened with extinction. Thirsty nature lovers, or mushroom pickers will find many possibilities here. Entertainers can also find something for themselves. Historians and hikers may visit Tuchola, where there is located beautiful town hall and a museum of Tuchola Forest. In Fojutowo you can see how rivers cross each other, flowing with their own beds. Near Little Gacno there is a place called Bysław with a beautiful lake and even closer to Cekcyn with a beautiful bathing. We organize horse rides, car tours, bonfires, and bike tours, roller skating and hiking in the woods. It is easy to find peace and quiet, but also many attractions.We offer 14-day long rehabilitation stays for children, young people and adults. It is possible to use money from the PFRON funds.
Rehabilitation exercises are individually tailored for each patient and performed according to the physician’s recommendations. This increases the effectiveness of therapy.


From March 2020, horse riding will be organized in Mały Gacna.

We have top class equipment – automated LOKOMAT orthosis – allowing for walking training in dynamic stress relief with simulated gait pattern for lower leg segments (thigh and lower leg). We also use in the following in the therapy: stochastic resonance, biofeedback and physiotherapy therapies including hydromassage.

The classes are conducted by young, dynamic physiotherapists certified by recognized methods of psycho-motion rehabilitation (PNF, NDT, SI).

Rehabilitacja Małe Gacno Neuron


During the camps we provide 12 days of rehabilitation

  • 4 hours of individual specialized classes (possibility of choosing from the offer of treatments) – including 1 hour of exercises on Lokomat device – if this procedure is ordered by the rehabilitation physician (every next hour of practice on the locomotive is an extra occupation)
  • 0.5 hours of group specialization
  • 2,5 hours of leisure and group activities

We do not charge any extra money for using the overall

There is a possibility of using non-stationary rehabilitation:
package: 10 days after 4 hours of individual specialist classes – price 2500zł
(Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday-free, Monday-Friday exercises, accommodation and meals outside the resort)

Sample program:

  • 0.5 hour massage
  • 1,5 hours exercise in the Thera Suit Suit Room
  • 1 hour Lokomat device
  • 0.5 hour hippotherapy or cynotherapy
  • 0.5 hours of neurologopathy (3x per week) and pedagogue (2x per week)

there is a possibility to take individual activities to the need of your childern


*rehabilitation of infants and premature babies:

  • prematurity
  • neck quill
  • hip dysplasia
  • muscular tension disorder
  • spinal-tire hernia
  • disturbances of central nervous coordination
  • Genetic groups


Patients staying at Neuron Center in Bydgoszcz and Małe Gacno are covered by 24-hour care and professional nursing care. Nurse on duty takes care of the safety of the charges during the rehabilitation stay. In urgent situations – health and life threatening, accidents and traumas, sudden illness are provided first aid.

When choosing a room, we offer you a high standard adapted to the needs of our patients. The rooms are also adapted for the disabled. In addition, we write individual diets and nutrition. Every meal is prepared on site. By choosing our facilities you also choose convenience as they are close to the main service points and food and leisure. After each exercise, we also provide relaxation and rest for patients, as well as joint fun, trips, grills and walks to integrate the family.
Patients at the Center in Małe Gacno have a modern machine for washing clothes with a coin-operated machine (the cost of one wash is only 5 zł).


  • muscular tension disorder
  • spinal-tire hernia
  • disturbances of central nervous coordination
  • Genetic groups


  • with cerebral palsy MPD
  • Spinal hernia
  • genetic defects
  • autism
  • hyperactivity psycho-motor
  • psycho-motor delay
  • metabolic diseases
  • after cranio-cerebral and multiorgan injuries
  • * correction of posture defects
  • scoliosis
  • defects of the lower limbs

We invite you to come and see for yourself.