As you know, we place great emphasis on the development – not only of our patients, but also of our NEURON Rehabilitation Center. We invest in more and more new equipment, which not only broadens our range of treatments, but also uses modern technology to improve your comfort during the procedure and increases the efficiency of the exercises. We have also recently opened in the new, next office. Welcome to NEURON Rehabilitation Center in Bydgoszcz Śródmieście at ul. Powstańców Wlkp. 33. The renovated, over 300-meter-high center consists of 10 rooms, which are equipped with the necessary rehabilitation equipment. Welcome!

Therapeutic programs

ATTENTION! The given prices are ONLY for rehabilitation – it does not include food and accommodation.

The program does not include the following therapies: neurologopedist, pedagogue, Vojta method, NDT Bobath method, Cyberoko C-eye, brain micropolarization


Therapeutic program for children and adolescents with psychomotor disorders (Autism, Downa syndrome, ADHD and other diseases)

    Therapies and treatments can be used in therapeutic programs:

  • NDT / PNF exercises
  • neurologopedic (max 1h)
  • educator (max 1h)
  • sensory integration therapy SI
  • sensoplastyka
  • cyberoko C-eye® (max 1h)
  • biofeedback (max. 0.5h – medical admission)
  • transcranial therapy – brain micropolarisation (max. 0.5h-medical grade)
  • hand therapy, occupational therapy.



Application for cancellation of rehabilitation classes

Non-stationary (outpatient) rehabilitation cancellation of rehabilitation classes must be reported to the given point (center / center) at least 3 hours before the start of classes (24-hour phone call).

Stationary rehabilitation: cancellation of rehabilitation classes must be reported to the person on duty at least at 6 am.

Unreported classes are payable.

All our centers are available by phone around the clock.