Pragma allows for safe and functional standing upright, during which it is possible to regulate the pressure of the feet on the ground (engaging the postural muscles). The physiotherapist can flexibly suspend e.g. the upper limbs, head and engage all receptors responsible for balance: sight, vestibular system, touch, proprioception. Gait re-education with the Pragma device allows you to maintain all its phases. Muscle bands used during physiological gait are involved. It is done safely (without the possibility of falls), and the phenomenon of gait is inspired by the exerciser himself. The patient decides directly on the length of the stride, its speed and the distance it wants to travel. Being in an upright position during exercise, the patient can engage the postural, synergistic and stabilizing muscles. His position is especially unstable (oscillating) all the time, but safe and forcing him to constantly consciously postural control. Flexible, vertical unloading allows you to perform sensorimotor exercises that have a significant impact on proprioception and locomotive movements. It allows you to practice jumping while turning down the long axis of the body.

What does the PRAGMA device allow?
safety during exercise thanks to the use of flexible suspension
freedom of movement when exercising
exercises to improve balance and balance
deep feeling exercises (proprioception)
gait exercises using a treadmill