Pablo is a compact, portable set of devices offering a package of possibilities helpful in rehabilitation in motor dysfunctions of the whole body, with a particular focus on the rehabilitation of the upper limbs. Pablo allows you to perform the most diverse squeezing movements of the hand, such as a cylindrical grip, straightening, pincer grips, measuring their strength at the same time. The device also measures the range of mobility in the joints of the upper limb (shoulder, elbow, wrist) through integrated position sensors, and allows you to analyze the basic parameters of gait. Our patients have the option of using the PABLO device therapy during individual therapy with a physiotherapist. Using the Pablo system, we can train the whole body – hands, fingers, arms, legs and head. We complement traditional physical rehabilitation through the use of modern devices. We have the Pablo device in the Neuron Bydgoszcz FORDON Rehabilitation Center.