In the Neuron Rehabilitation offer you will also find physiotherapy focused on problems related to the organ of movement. Our physiotherapists are educated and certified specialists in various physiotherapy techniques. Each of them has the experience and knowledge needed to carry out the therapy.


  • backaches;
  • injuries;
  • condition after fractures;
  • state after operations (hip, knee);

Orthopedic rehabilitation is enriched with therapy on the INDIBA® activ / Salus Talent® device to achieve an even faster recovery and improvement of health.

The purpose of orthopedic rehabilitation is:

  • restoration of fitness;
  • prevention of complications;
  • pain relief;
  • preparation for surgery or surgery;
  • improving the functioning of the musculoskeletal system;

The scope of orthopedic rehabilitation:

  • preparation for surgery;
  • rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery;
  • treatment of spinal pain syndrome;
  • rehabilitation in damage to peripheral joints;
  • treatment after rupture of tendons and muscles;
  • treatment of ligament injuries;
  • rehabilitation after injuries (sprains, dislocations;