The EKSO GT ™ manufactured by an American Company EKSO BIONICS is a portable bionic skeleton designed for the rehabilitation of virtually every patient with lower limbs. It allows you to move up and down in a chair, and to walk naturally, with the correct load between the legs. The sloshing machine is powered by batteries, the movements are performed by means of motors, which helps to lose the neuromuscular functions, thanks to what it enables the following:
people with total paralgysis, with minimal forearm to walk and perform walking movements;
Re-teach the patient the correct gait patterns;
Help to set foot on the ground.

EKSO GT ™ is a pediatric reeducation device designed to be used under the supervision of a therapist in patients with varying degrees of paralysis (neurological or traumatic) (neurological or traumatic) (eg stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury). The escalator supports the walk in patients, and practically every user admitted by the physician to the training sessions was already in the first session. Exoskeleton can use, among others. patients with:
Total core damage up to C7 inclusive;
Partial damage to the core (at any level);
Past stroke incident;
Multiple sclerosis;
Muscular dystrophy;
Cerebral Palsy;
Guillain-Barre disease;
Cranio-cerebral injury.

EKSO GT has been designed for centers where therapists interact with different patients during the day. The device is applied to the patient’s clothes, and the adjustment itself takes less than 5 minutes. The EKSO GT ™ allows you to perform functional rehabilitation, walking and cross-country workloads in an unprecedented way through the following unique features:
Step Generator program allows you to choose optimal training parameters so as the patient could start walking as fas as possible ( during the first session) and at the same time so as it could be possible to move to set optimial training parameters ( eg. To set walking patters and a number of steps per session);
various training modes allow the device to fit the patients progress;
Special tool to control the accuracy and symmetricality of movement performed in terms of walking biomechanics.