In Bydgoszcz we launched the INDIBA ACTIV testing. This therapy combines the advantages of modern physiotherapy and the effectiveness of modern manual therapy. It is based on the combination of radiofrequency (radiofrequency current) at 448 kHz frequency with simultaneous, appropriate manual therapy.

The direct benefits of using INDIBA ACTIV are:

– shortening of therapy time,

– broader impact on the patient, contributing to faster therapeutic effects,

– obtaining analgesic or anti-inflammatory effect,

– assisted tissue drain

– ability to effectively affect muscle tone,

– less effort the therapist put in the treatment,

In our center we use this method mainly in patients with spasticity resulting from stroke, cranio-cerebral traumas, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries.

Testing will take a month, so our patients will be free to see the effectiveness of this method during exercise in the classroom.