We started the program of comprehensive rehabilitation of patients after cranio-traumatic injuries, spinal injuries and stroke in the area of ​​speech, oral and neck organs. The aim of the program is to reduce pain, to make tissues more flexible, to improve the range of mobility and to improve functions such as speaking, biting and swallowing.

The speech stimulus program includes:

Face facial treatment (minimum 0.5 h per day)

– neurological classes with the use of the vocaSTIM (1 h per day)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (1-2 h per day)

– Electromagnetic field stimulation with SALUS TALENT (0.5 h).

Rehabilation of patients after cranio-cerebral traumas

The program covers various forms of work with the body. At the Rehabilitation Center in Bydgoszcz we offer manual therapy of the head, neck and jaw, through which qualified physiotherapists and neurologists influence inter alia. swelling reduction, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, muscular atrophy, paralysis, nerve palsy, and other problems that may occur in patients after stroke and injury. This is both a form of stimulation and an exaggerated asymmetric tension. By working on tissues responsible for speech, swallowing, chewing and biting, it is compatible with kinesio taping, deep electrical stimulation and vocal stimulation (helping to compensate for muscle tone), preparing the patient for neurological therapy. The above therapeutic activities are assisted by hyperbaric therapy. It consists in placing the patient in a special chamber, then increasing the pressure therein, and thus the more efficient oxygenation of the patient. Scientific studies show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy results in many positive physical,


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