LOKOMAT is a outstanding device for walking training in dynamic stress relief with movement pattern stimulation for lower leg segments (thigh and lower leg) with the ability to set the movement parameters (speed and length).

The use of orthosis allows a precise reproduction of the maximum number of repetition cycles in the correct pattern, which is a necessary element in the reeducation of lost or disturbed movement functions. In addition, this allows for the prevention of compensation and pathological patterns in the early stages of improvement in neurological disorders.

Indications for the use of Lokomat device:

  • after stroke (cerebral or spinal)
  • states of spinal cord injury
  • brain injuries
  • multiple sclerosis (SM)
  • Child cerebral palsy (MPD)
  • Parkinson’s disease Endoprosthesis (eg hip joint)
  • osteoarthritis of the lower limbs (eg degeneration of the knee joint)
  • muscle spasm
  • muscle weakness resulting from lack of movement

Contraindications for Lokomat rehabilitation:

  • Inability to adapt the orthosis to the body (lower limbs, eg due to significant deformities)
  • Body weight over 135 kg
  • Skeletal instability (unexplained cracks, spinal instability, fractures, advanced osteoporosis)
  • Contraindications to full load
  • Bedsores, abrasions of the lower limbs
  • Circulation problems
  • Cardiological contraindications
  • Lack of cooperation or behavior (auto) aggressive, transitional psychosis
  • Serious cognitive deficit
  • Patients under (long-term) infusion therapy
  • Patients using a ventilator
  • Distortion of the spine (eg bone or cartilage dysplasia)
  • Severe vascular disturbances in the lower limbs
  • In general, patients recommended for lying in bed or immobilized, for example due to osteoarthritis or other inflammatory / infectious diseases
  • hips, knees, ankle joints

Required documents for qualification for therapy on a locomotor:

  • current (not older than year) result (photo on the plate or film) x-ray of the hip joints.

Patients with meningomyelocele are additionally required to submit the result of the bone density test no older than 1 year, at the latest on the first day of the stay.

Patients after spinal injuries are required to submit the result (pictures on the plate or film) x-ray of the spine not older than 1 year, at the latest on the first day of the stay.

We also have a module for lokomat system to be used for pediatric patients which allows to start therapy for children from approx. 4 years. Pediatric trainers are safe for small patients.


  • Attend min 10 sessions for efficiency,
  • Working out on the LOKOMAT gives the most physiological reproduction of the walking cycle using feedback.
  • LOKOMAT training has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and significantly improves the function of the gastrointestinal motility.
  • Working out on the LOKOMAT allows dynamic walking training in unloading with the ability to set movement parameters (step length, speed and range of movement in knee and hip joints)