INDIBA®activ is a unique, patented procedure that has been used in Western Europe and Japan for more than 30 years. In this long-standing history, its effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous studies and scientific publications. This has earned it great recognition and numerous awards.

How indiba ®activ works?

Indiba active is a unique, patented technology that delivers the tissues and cells of the thermal and non-thermal current with electrodes. The use of two types of electrodes (capacitive and resistive) in different sizes allows the use of Indiba®activ for the whole body. 448 kHz radio waves cause modification of the cell membrane permeability, accelerate metabolism, and oxygen demand. Thanks to them, through the growth of microcirculation, biostimulation is complemented and tissues are added to the elements that allow for regeneration.

Indiba®activ can be combined with manual therapy and kinesitherapy to increase the effectiveness of therapy. Using this type of procedure, it is possible to use massage, manual therapy and active movements of the patient. This is the only solution on the market.

The patient’s warmth does not carry any side effects, it is painless. It also does not cause irritation, overheating or burning of the skin and therefore the number of treatments using this method is unlimited. It is also possible to use the treatment without the use of heat.


Indiba®activ can be used in:

– bedsores

– tissue tightening

– calcification

– swollen

– spastic

– muscle injuries, joint injuries

– loss of efficiency and traffic limitations

– reduction of pain and inflammation

urinary incontinence

The benefit is also a shorter duration of therapy and a wider impact on the patient, contributing to faster therapeutic effects.

WHO IS INDIBA®activ for?

Another positive feature of Indiba®activ is its versatility. Equipment can be used for both children and adults.


– pregnancy

– pacemaker or other electronic implant