Hippotherapy is one of the methods of rehabilitation based on neurophysiology conducted with the participation of a horse.

Hippotherapy – due to spatial conditions – is available only in the center in Mały Gacno.

The influence of horse movement on the human body

coding the correct gait pattern while driving, the pelvis and shoulder are behaving in the same way as when walking properly, so that the correct nerve pattern is coded in the central nervous system, the equilibrium system of the patient on the horse’s back tends to keep the shaky center of gravity in all phases of movement. over the center of gravity of the horse. During one minute of walk, the horse transfers about 110 multifaceted rocking impulses to the human sitting on it. It causes the body’s motivation to include equivalent and defense reactions, the muscular system is followed by the reduction of muscle tone thanks to, among others, rhythmic movements, increased body temperature of the animal, against regular hip-barge movements. In addition, postural muscles are strengthened to transmit sensory-motor stimuli


  • neurological dysfunctions of movement with various etiologies,
  • developmental disorder,
  • sensorimotor integration disorders,
  • balance disturbances and motor regulation.