Galileo’s principles are based on gait research. Galileo’s swinging movement, like a swing of varying amplitude and frequency, triggers sequences of movements that resemble a human walk. Rapid movement of the training platform causes pelvic tilting – like walking, but much more often. The body responds with compensation: rhythmic muscle contractions, alternately on the left and right sides of the body. From a frequency of around 12 Hz, such contractions are not conscious – a retrieved reflex. The stretching reflex activates the muscles in the legs, abdomen, and back, all the way to the top of the body.

The number of contractions per second of releases from the stretch reflex is determined by the regulated expression. For example, after a periodic frequency of 25 Hz is counted, there are 25 cycles of contraction of the flexor and extensor muscles every second. A 3-minute 25Hz training session therefore causes the same number of muscle contractions as going 4500 steps.

The amplitude and community of vibrations generated by Galileo can be adjusted continuously, separate from body weight.


Therapeutic effects:


– release and development

– muscle growth

– normalization of muscle tone

– performing proprioception

– bone choices




In a solution to other training platforms, moving in a vertical plane (up and down), the deviations during the Galileo Training simulate the physiological human gait.