Rehabilitation Center Neuron in Bydgoszcz and Małe Gacno in Poland

Welcome to our site! Neuron Sp z.o.o exists since 2003 and is constantly developing and modernizing. We are a medical entity that provides comprehensive rehabilitation services. We offer stationary rehabilitation with round the clock medical care and outpatient rehabilitation. We provide the highest level medical care, individual treatment process by qualified therapeutic staff as well as intensive and modern rehabilitation. Patient therapy is only individual. Neuron Rehabilitation has three rehabilitation facilities, each of which is equipped with modern devices for neurorehabilitation. (LOKOMAT®, EKSO GT® Exoskeleton and many more)

We accept people after hospitalization and we treat patients:

  • after strokes
  • craniocerebral trauma
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traffic accidents
  • people with cerebral palsy
  • and other neurological diseases.

We also carry out rehabilitation of children and adolescents with any nervous system dysfunctions, i.e.

  • cerebral palsy
  • post-stroke conditions
  • metabolic diseases
  • genetic diseases
  • tire hernia
  • developmental disorder
  • posture defects
  • mental retardation
  • autism.

Centrum Rehabilitacji Neuron – Fordon is an object that combines a little oasis of peace, but very close to civilization. It is located off the beaten track, near forests and green areas ideal for walks, but also 300 meters from the largest housing estate in Bydgoszcz, where we find a lot of shops, public premises, and public transport (having a rolling stock fully adapted to transport people with disabilities) that can connect with any place in the city (museums, galleries, Mill Island, botanical gardens, etc.). In order to check the dates of the stays, we invite you here. Our latest location is the Neuron Rehabilitation Center – Śródmieście – after a general renovation with a brand new rehabilitation equipment, practically in the city center where everyone has access and access. At this point, we do not have our own accommodation base, but we have a contract with the Hotel Homer located in the same building, fully adapted for the blind and disabled, and if necessary, hotel rooms are available (double for the Patient and Guardian). Available therapy programs can be found here.

this is what is related to our profession – rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation. We have one of the best, experienced and titled personnel in the country. Every person starting a stay is able to consult a rehabilitation doctor, which means we are able to choose the right treatments and adjust the individual treatment program in order to use the maximum duration of stay and obtain satisfactory results. We do not tolerate half-measures – that’s why we always invest in the latest, certified equipment with a guarantee of the service to be sure that it is safe for Patients and uses 100% of its capabilities. Almost every turnus can be co-financed by PFRON. We are not a “company making money on human tragedy” – we know some things from autopsy, so we approach every person who is rehabilitated above all as a man who needs our help, knowledge, experience and equipment at our disposal. We associate great employees, physiotherapists, specialists full of empathy, understanding, commitment and passion with which they do their work. Trust us, come and check, and we’ll show you why people are so eager to come back for another rehabilitation stays.


Rehabilitation and Hippotherapy Center "Neuron" - Małe Gacno

Rehabilitacja Małe Gacno Neuron

A rehabilitation center located in a beautiful forest area. Well equipped, comfortable with the best specialists and constant medical care. It allows you not only to rest, but also to carry out intensive rehabilitation on modern rehabilitation equipment. Welcom to Małe Gacno!

Rehabilitation Center Neuron - Fordon

Rehabilitacja Bydgoszcz Fordon Neuron

The resort is located in Bydgoszcz, close to the bustling city, but also close to forests, where you can heal your health and relax. Excellent rehabilitation devices, qualified specialists and a nice atmosphere.

Rehabilitation Center Neuron - Citycenter


A rehabilitation center located in the heart of the city. Between buildings, shops, buses where everything is close. It also has beautiful areas where you can walk. A wide range of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation stays and programs - why choose NEURON REHABILITATION?

We organize rehabilitation stays (with or without caregivers) containing individual and modern rehabilitation, accommodation in a room adapted for the needs of the disabled, and full-day board in the form of a Swedish buffet for the patient and caregiver. Therapies take place in the same building where the beds are located, which means there is no problem with onerous movement.

Individual exercises

12 days of individual exercises after 4 hours a day, which gives 48 days of individual classes on a single 14-day stay

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Patients receive full board in the form of a Swedish table. We do not cut out meals so everyone will eat as much as they need


Daily group activities (music therapy, games and activities, etc.)


You spend time with us safely, thanks to the care of nurses who are on duty around the clock


Freedom of choice of treatments and therapies – we listen to the patient’s needs and doctor’s recommendations

Innovative technology

As few in Poland and Europe, we have the latest devices, LOKOMAT®, EGZOSZELET®, SALUS-TALENT®, INDIBA ACTIV®, which guarantee innovative and effective rehabilitation.


Each stay is preceded by a consultation with a rehabilitation physician

Care of professionals

In each of our branches there is a qualified team of physiotherapists who have the most advanced therapeutic courses.


Kinesitherapy points us to treatment with movement. It is based on manual (physical) exercises with therapeutic orientation. Contrary to appearances, it works not only in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, but also with diseases of the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems.


LOKOMAT is a unique, automated orthosis for assessing and learning to walk. It allows for walking training in dynamic load conditions with simulation of a walking pattern for segments of lower limbs, with the possibility of setting any parameters of gait. Learn more.


Eyefeel – C EYE is an interactive program containing a set of exercises and animations. It gives the possibility to create individual therapeutic contents. It is used to practice eyesight, developmental therapy, communication and entertainment. The program has been adapted to be operated both by touch and by sight. Learn more.

Egzoszkielet EKSO GT™

Equipment of the American company EKSO BIONICS is a portable, bionic skeleton constructed for rehabilitation of practically every patient with paresis of lower limbs, with whom logical contact is maintained. It allows you to perform the movements of standing up, sitting down and sitting down on a chair, as well as for walking naturally, with the correct transfer of the load between the limbs. Learn more.

INDIBA® activ

It consists in bringing thermal and non-thermal currents through electrodes to human tissues and cells. The use of two types of electrodes allows the use of the whole body method. Radio waves penetrate cell membranes, accelerate metabolism and oxygen demand. Thanks to them, through the growth of microcirculation, biostimulation is supplemented and the tissue is provided with elements that allow for regeneration. Learn more.

Kombinezon THERA SUIT

It consists in bringing thermal and non-thermal currents through electrodes to human tissues and cells. The use of two types of electrodes allows the use of the whole body method. Radio waves penetrate cell membranes, accelerate metabolism and oxygen demand. Thanks to them, through the growth of microcirculation, biostimulation is supplemented and the tissue is provided with elements that allow for regeneration. Learn more.


Rehabilitation based on neurophysiology conducted with the participation of a horse. Not only does it arouse a lot of positive emotions in patients, but thanks to its special physique and movements it has a beneficial effect on the progress of the exercises. Learn more.

Analysis of brain's electrical activity

This allows for the comparison of the brain's functioning to the brain of people of similar age - but without disease or pathology. In this way we identify those areas of the brain in which there are irregularities - in terms of the number and types of electrical activity, coherence and phases. Learn more.

Balance platform

Recalling the movement of swings with variable amplitude and frequency, it stimulates a sequence of movements reminiscent of human gait. Fast movement of the training platform causes the pelvis to be tilted - similar to walking, but much more frequently. Learn more.

Rehabilitation of cognitive functions

Rehabilitation of cognitive functions supported by two computer programs: RehaCom and Dr. Neuronowski. Intended for people with brain damage resulting in deficits in the brain and cognitive functions. Learn more.

Rehabilitation of the head and neck

Rehabilitation of dysfunctions within the head and neck using recognized methods of manual therapy (applied by the therapist's hands) and complementary methods, among others kinesiotaping, voice rehabilitation, etc. Learn more.

SAEBO - hand therapy

SaeboFlex is a dynamic orthosis thanks to which rehabilitation after stroke, stroke or brain injury is gaining a new quality. It gives patients independence that they have not been able to achieve before. Orthosis is based on reconstructing the natural hand position and supporting the movement of the finger extension. Learn more.


Deep electromagnetic stimulation. SALUS-TALENT allows the local application of a precise electromagnetic field penetrating the layers of clothing, tissues and bones, stimulating the designated area in the depths of the body. Learn more.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy supports the rehabilitation process, it applies, among others, in Alzheimer's disease, after stroke, in Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury. It gives positive results in the treatment of patients with cerebral palsy, improves the renewal of the brain tissue, is a supportive therapy and accelerates the process of psychoactive reeducation - mainly thanks to the oxygenation of nerve cells. Learn more.

Therapeutic classes

Biofeedback, sensory integration, micropolarization, pedagogue and oligophrenopedagogist, psychologist, world experience room, therapies: visual functions, speech disorders Neurologopeda, speech disorders VocaStim, occupational, Craniofacial therapy academy crafta, osteopathy and laryngeal manipulations. Learn more.

All rehabilitation treatments

Learn more.

NEURON - nowa jakość rehabilitacji

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