Hippotherapy is one of the methods of rehabilitation based on neurophysiology conducted with the participation of a horse.

Effect of horse movement on the human organism:

  • The correct pattern of movement while riding a horse the pelvis and the shoulder rim behaves as in normal walking, so that in the central nervous system the proper movement pattern is encoded,
  • The equilibrium of the patient on the horse’s back is that in all phases of his movement his shaky center of gravity is above the center of gravity of the horse. In one minute of walking, the horse carries about 110 multi-dimensional swing pulses on the person sitting on it. This motivates the body to incorporate both defensive and defensive reactions,
  • Muscle reduction follows muscular tone. rhythmic movements, elevated body temperature, hip-to-shoulder movements. In addition, the postural muscles are strengthened
  • transfer of sensory stimulation

Indications :

  • neurological motion disfunctions of different etiology,
  • developmental disorder,
  • disturbances of sensory integration,
  • equilibrium disorder and motion coordination

Absolute contraindications :

  • very large spasticity unabling bestriding
  • no head and neck control,
  • spinal vertebrae with pain-all kinds,
  • inflammatory conditions in the bone-joint system,
  • AS,
  • big twins,
  • instability of the pivotal joint,
  • allergies,
  • strong fear,
  • severe epilepsy,
  • congenital bone fragility.

Relative contraindications :

  • hip endoprosthesis,
  • subluxation and dislocation of the hip,
  • imbalance in sitting position,
  • continuation of skull bones.

Hipotherapy is available in our centers from May to September.


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