Ośrodek Rehabilitacji Małe Gacno 6

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Placówka rehabilitacyjna w Bydgoszczy, ul. Obrońców Helu 4

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  • Rehabilitacja Bydgoszcz
  • Rehabilitacja Bydgoszcz
  • Rehabilitacja Bydgoszcz
  • Rehabilitacja Bydgoszcz Małe Gacno

Rehabilitation centre in Małe Gacno

Małe Gacno is a village situated picturesquely among forests and meadows, with about 60 inhabited houses, shops and a church. The surrounding forests are the extensive Tuchola Forest, shelter and sanctuary for many endangered animal and plant species. Nature enthusiasts searching for silence or keen mushroom pickers will find here many opportunities. Also pastime enthusiasts can find something for themselves. Admirers of history and hiking can visit Tuchola with a beautiful town hall and the forest museum. In Fojutowo you can see the crossing of rivers, each of them flowing in its own channel. Near to Małe Gacno there is Bysław with a wonderful lake, even nearer Cekcyn with a beautiful bathing beach. We organise horse rides, cart tours, bonfires, bicycle tours, in-line skating and forest walks. You can easily find here peace but also numerous attractions.

We offer 14-days-rehabilitation batches for children, youth and adult. It is possible to use the subsidies from PFRON (the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons).
The rehabilitation exercises are individually selected for every patient and carried out according to the recommendations of the rehabilitation doctor. This helps to increase the therapy's efficiency.

We have top class equipment - an automated orthosis "Locomat" which can be used for walking training in the conditions of dynamic support with a walking pattern simulation for lower limbs segments (thigh and shin). We also use: stochastic resonance, biofeedback and physiotherapy, including hydro massage.

The exercises are run by young, dynamic physiotherapists certified in recognized methods of psychomotoric facilitation (PNF, NDT, SI).

We offer 12-days-rehabilitation. Every day includes 4 hours of individual specialist exercises and 0.5 hour of group specialist exercises as well as 2.5 hours of group recreational activities.

We offer: